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Testing concept responses for new strategic products

As part of IKEA's entrance to the energy market, they wanted to better understand how customer segments responded to different product types and how they could be communicated. By using consumer neuroscience to test concepts in two different markets, IKEA gained insights to boost their product offerings and descriptions.

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The Beat of a Billion -- finding the right tune for a product launch

When Spotify were about to launch their solution to a billion potential customers in India, they wanted to do so with a splash. What better than finding a beat that everybody would jam and dance to? But finding the right tune. Neurons used neuroscience solutions to help Spotify identify the tune that the population would respond the most to.

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How consumer neuroscience adds value to retail innovation

How do we choose products in a store? Do prior ad exposures have an effect on how we look for products and what we choose? Together with Lowe's Innovation Labs, Neurons has trailblazed how neuroscience can be used to understand customer responses in the store. In this study, we demonstrated how decisions are made in the store: in the blink of an eye.

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Mobile delays are as stressful as watching a horror movie!

In this often-cited collection of studies, we worked with Ericsson and Vodafone to test the effects of streaming delays. What we found sent shockwaves through the digital media landscape. Who has not heard about that mobile delays are as negative as watching a horror movie?

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Understanding Consumer Neuroscience

Did you know that 80 to 90 percent decisions taken by the consumers are on a subconscious level? These subconscious decisions subsequently help consumers create affinity with an advertisement and a brand leading to a purchase decision. But how does one understand these subconscious decisions that the consumer himself might not be able to explain as to why he took it? Enter — Consumer Neuroscience — application of neuroscience parameters to understand consumer behaviour.

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The value of social interactions in VR

When Facebook acquired the VR solution Oculus, they were interested in understanding how people responded to social interaction in a virtual environment. We used consumer neuroscience solutions to show both that VR experiences were as engaging as in-person meetings.

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