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Total Media & Behave

January 20, 2022

Total Media is an international behavioral planning agency based in the UK. They produce award-winning media strategies based on the knowledge of people’s behavior utilizing a full range of research capabilities, from ethnography to neuroscience, to behavioral economics and data analytics. They work with a broad spectrum of clients from various industries including finance, automotive, FMCG, entertainment, travel, technology, etc. 

In 2019, Total Media Group launched Behave, a behavioral consultancy. Behave uses a unique combination of behavioral science technologies and traditional research techniques to solve business challenges for clients. They also employ behavioral science and bespoke technology tools, which includes Neurons’ attention AI tool, Predict

Dariusz Szul is a Senior Insight Manager at Total Media and works with Behave’s research team. His role involves deriving insights from various data sources to support the strategies in various areas, such as marketing, industry analysis, audience understanding, segmentation, campaign performance analysis, traditional research, ethnography, and biometrics.

In-Person Eye-Tracking Was Proving to be Expensive

Communication is an area in which Behave offers actionable business solutions. Alongside Behave’s research team, Dariusz works with projects that revolve around gaining an understanding of how people think, see, feel and act in relation to brand messaging and creative optimization. As part of this, the need for analyzing visual assets is what led to the implementation of Predict as part of the team’s technology toolbox.

Predict allowed them to help clients understand how consumers see different media creatives in terms of their attention, what areas are they drawn to, and how they process these creatives in terms of their Cognitive Demand and Clarity. With the tool being fully online and offering instant metrics, they could move their studies along quicker, without having to break the bank.

Dariusz was an early user of Predict back when the tool was known as NeuroVision in 2015. Dariusz was the sole user of Predict at Total Media at that time, however, he soon realized its potential and introduced it to his manager at Total Media. In time, the company grew and began to partner with creative agencies, eventually leading to the launch of Behave, where Predict’s capabilities were incorporated into their processes. Predict is now adopted by the whole research team.

Before Predict was fully adopted, Dariusz and his team were using an in-house biometrics lab, employing technology to measure galvanic skin responses, eye-tracking, and facial coding to help their clients answer specific questions about their consumers’ behavior. But due to the cost and time, it wasn’t always the appropriate solution, so they needed to supplement it with an efficient way to retrieve consumer metrics. Predict proved to be a solution that was both a reliable and cost-effective option. It acted as a good alternative to eye-tracking tests as the heatmaps provided results that proved as robust as in-person eye-tracking. The metrics for Cognitive Demand and Clarity also provided more depth to their analyses on creatives with information on customer attention. When used in combination with other types of research, like traditional surveys, they could effectively draw conclusions on user behavior on a conscious level.

Incorporating an Online Predictive AI in Their Technology Toolbox

Dariusz noted the efficiency of Predict in a case where he and his team had to run eye-tracking tests on short video creatives on recruited participants. They used Predict instead of actual participants to replace the eye-tracking portion of the study. Combined with explicit self-reporting data to add some context around the creatives’ appeal and associations, they could accurately identify the emotional signals at different parts of the video. With this method, they also could see how memorable the key messages were and which elements of the creative drew the most consumer attention.

“What I like is Predict’s level of accuracy in comparison to the actual eye-tracking, which is over 90%”, said Dariusz. “And its time efficiency as well. It's really fast and easy to use, you don't necessarily need in-depth training to get your hands around it as it's so user-friendly”.

“Most importantly, it’s affordable for our clients; whose budgets can range and this gives them a chance to analyze the creatives they use”, he added.

Accurate Results That Impact Creative Decisions 

Predict is used by the Behave research team in a variety of projects, for both physical and digital creatives. Their work with digital assets was particularly impactful as they could measure the direct efficacy of a digital creative, such as the performance of a website, or how an image ad led to conversions. For example, if a creative had an element that required an action, like a play button, a download link, or any type of call to action, they used Predict to analyze if that element would attract a large volume of clicks. They have also used Predict with its scores on Cognitive Demand and Clarity to determine if a website is designed in an engaging way, thereafter measuring the results in metrics like the website bounce rate. 

An example of how they used Predict to optimize creatives was seen in a website redesign project for a client. Dariusz and his team used screen grabs of the current website’s design and compared it against new versions of the design on Predict to understand which elements were drawing attention. Using Predict’s analysis in combination with other metrics like color psychology and behavioral nudges, they helped the client improve their website’s design and offered beneficial recommendations to improve the user journey. The new website succeeded in increasing engagement and conversions on the site increased by 42%.

“It was great to see our predictions on the tool brought to life and our recommendations implemented on the website. It really makes a difference”, said Dariusz.

“Predict’s level of accuracy is very high and it is built on scientific publications so it has this solid scientific validation that gives us confidence when we use it to give recommendations”, he added.

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