The science behind Neurons

Scientific validity is at the heart of everything we do at Neurons.
Our methods and metrics are built on the latest approaches in cognitive neuroscience, machine learning, and psychology.

Our academic partners

We collaborate with top-tier universities.


High-quality neuroscience database

Our training database includes over 100,000 individual participants’ responses and encompasses over 100 billion data points of eye-tracking and brain-scanning data.

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Validated neuromethods & metrics

All methods and metrics we work with are valid, reliable, and scalable & based on scientifically published validation by ourselves and independent groups.

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+95% accurate AI model

Predict AI has been trained on real human responses to key customer touchpoints, such as social media, websites, e-commerce, packaging, store designs, and more.

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Implicit & unconscious responses

Human choice is driven by unconscious processes. We measure these implicit responses as they are far better predictors of choice than self-reported statements.

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Our solutions


Improve creative asset performance with attention prediction AI.

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Measure customer emotions & uncover motivations to your content.

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Accuracy of
eye tracking AI tool


Data points of
brain responses


Years of applied
neuroscience experience


Principles that drive Science at Neurons

Discover the key elements to advertising success with a proven blueprint developed with Stanford University.


Getting attention with your ad -
from enough people and for enough time.

  • What do people see in an ad?
  • What do they miss?
  • Are viewers distracted or focused?
  • How much time do they spend on the ad?

Eye-tracking measurements


Triggering positive emotions with an ad that appeals to your viewers.

  • What is the emotional intensity of the consumers’ experience?
  • What do people feel when watching an ad?

Brain-derived and implicit score on engagement and memory


Making sure that your ad and its components are understood.

  • Are consumers processing the given information?
  • Is the ad easy to understand?

Brain-derived and implicit score on comprehension and learning


Making a lasting impression with the ad and its message.

  • Do consumers remember the ad after a certain time?
  • Do consumers remember which brand the ad was for?

Memory tests after exposure

Principles that drive Science at Neurons


Our methods and metrics are based on scientifically published data.


Our methods reflect natural behavior and actual consumer responses rather than lab environments


Our work is based on validated approaches in neuroscience, machine learning, and psychology.


Our methods and metrics are  predictive of consumer choice and behavior at multiple markets and segments.


Neurons challenges the status quo and turns new ideas into standardized products.


Our methods are reliable in test-retest conditions and across conditions. Each method is well documented.

Ready to drive revenue with creatives that work?

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Ready to drive revenue with creatives that work?

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