Predict customer responses

Use true emotional AI and attention AI to predict customer responses and choice. Based on behavioral research, our solutions harness the power of neuroscience and AI.

This helps your business predict, understand and adapt to customer decision-making processes.
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Used and trusted by the largest companies in the world


Predict customer attention in seconds!

Test and improve images and video content. Analyze customer attention across all touchpoints with high accuracy.

Built on one of the world's largest eye tracking databases.


Quickly learn about customers’ responses and sentiments! 

Test your ads and other marketing assets with global online neuroscience panels.

Get results on user attention, emotion, motivation, and responses.


Run high quality, bespoke neuroscience studies anywhere in the world. 

We employ methods like eye-tracking and EEG brain scanning to capture every response in your customer journey as they unfold.

Based on best in class methodologies to test across customer attention, emotions, and behavior.

Used and trusted around the world


"Before entering a strategic new area for our company, we tested customer responses in multiple markets. Here, using consumer neuroscience with Neurons Inc provided crucial customer insights to drive our decisions."
Håkan Nordkvist
Head of Innovation Sustainability


“Being able to know what people notice in our stores using eye-tracking is valuable. The addition of emotional and cognitive responses adds a new dimension to our understanding of our customers. This allows us to better predict and understand how customers react to new initiatives in the store environment”
Binanti Cuzner
(previous) Shopper Marketing Insights Manager


“Businesses often struggle to understand what their customers are really thinking. Self-reports are filled with pitfalls to gain such insights. When working with Neurons to study consumer responses to ads on Twitter, we have gained an extra new layer of insights both for internal use and for our users to show the power of our platform”
Wayne Huang
Research Manager


“Through our deep partnership with Neurons, we have a window into our customers’ subconscious reactions to the new technology we develop. Neurons research is now a central part of our innovation strategy.”.
Kyle Nel
(previous) Executive director Lowe’s innovation Labs, and Executive Vice President Singularity University


“After testing partner applications built in our various AR and VR platforms, Thomas and the team at Neurons Inc provided highly quantifiable and unique insight into why and how the various hardware in our portfolio was appropriate in different use case scenarios. This insight is critical to us given how data-driven we are in our decision-making process”
Eric Johnsen
(previous) Head of Business Development for AR
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Predict, understand and adapt your business to your customers’ decision-making processes through the power of neuroscience and AI. Talk to the Neurons team today.

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