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Empowering Advertisers with Neuroscience & AI

Every year, advertisers around the globe pour billions of dollars worth of budget into ads that don't quite hit the mark.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Neurons combines neuroscience and AI to take the guesswork 
out of advertising, enabling marketers to make better creative decisions by accurately predicting customer behavior.

Meet our CEO

Dr. Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy

Neurons was founded in 2013 by neuroscientist and bestselling 
author, Dr. Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, a leading figure in the fields of applied neuroscience, consumer neuroscience & neuromarketing.

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Meet Our Customers

We’re helping companies connect to their audiences, boost revenue, and accelerate growth. Among our diverse portfolio of customer successes, Tre Kronor Media stands out as a prime example.

The award-winning media agency increased client CTRs by an average of 43% using Neurons’ AI solutions.

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Meet Our Team

Building something extraordinary requires effective collaboration and top talent. We’re not only attracting that talent - we’re actively developing it.

By embracing diversity and individual development, we believe that we can achieve sustainable growth. We’re committed to fostering a culture where people of all backgrounds feel welcomed.

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This is Our Story


Neurons is founded by Thomas Z. Ramsøy and Majken Z. Ramsøy, as a conversion from BrainWise. We build a strong industry-relevant consumer neuroscience database. From the start, we experiment with prediction of behavior, including attention, emotion, stress, and more.
Neurons expands to new regions, including Latin America, Asia, and the Middle-East.



After steady growth, Thomas Z. Ramsøy, Majken Z. Ramsøy and Mike Storm enter Neurons full-time as directors, and the team grows steadily, with a primary focus on North America and Europe.
The first AI product and implicit online test service are launched. Neurons accelerates on its growth journey with a successful pre-seed round with investments from Vækstfonden and Finance Zealand.



Neurons HQ opens its doors in Greater Copenhagen.
Neurons closes a successful seed funding round for even more accelerated growth, and Fairpoint Capital joins our board.



We establish our values program, with a focus on ethics, responsible business, and scientific validity and integrity, in addition to company growth. To further our initiatives into ethical AI and responsible business, former Prime Minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, joins the board.

The Best Neuromarketing Company

Neurons is continually recognized as the best neuromarketing company in the world. We’ve been awarded the Børsen Gazelle for 3 consecutive years for our steady growth and received the Best Global Consumer Neuroscience Company award in 2023.