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With Predict API, you can build high-impact performance insights into your products.

Content metadata

Use Predict’s predictive data to improve meta content for discovery, search, or selections.

Content improvements

Provide feedback on visual content before publication. Boost social media posts, e-mails or websites.

Ad tech metadata

Add additional predictive data sets to optimize ads, e.g. A/B split testing on any content or CTA.

Mediate content that converts

Boost the success rate of what your customers create. Integrate our API and deliver predictive data in seconds. Guide your customers to create content that tick with their audience.

Boost human-centered designs

Drive data-informed creative decisions with predictive behavioral data. Improve your product and provide novel feedback to your customers for higher conversion.

Build your own predictive product

Expand your portfolio and attract new clients by adding unique capabilites to your product.

Unique data in minutes

Get attention data and cognitive metrics with Predict AI engine in minutes. With over 95% prediction accuracy, Predict’s AI has been built on one of the world’s largest eye-tracking databases. It continues to be expanded and developed by scientifically-backed data.

Customizable and scalable

Neurons' developer tools provide everything you need to enrich your data with behavioral insights. Set up developer integrations and implement them for your own unique tool and platform.
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