Predict viewing time, audience reach & brand performance with Predict’s new scores

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October 3, 2023

Need to pull out valuable insights pre-launch?

Now it’s faster and smarter with Predict’s new attention scores!

With the new update, you’ll be able to:

  • Put a number to audience reach before you launch
  • Predict the success of brand awareness efforts
  • See if your brand gets the attention it deserves
  • Pre-test for customer attention in retail & POS

Hear it from a happy Predict customer:

“The Time Spent and Percentage Seen scores make it so easy for us to communicate the performance of the scores to the clients!”

Junior Insight Manager at Tre Kronor Media

Joris Wechsler

The new scores accurately predict the viewing time and audience reach of image assets and the brand performance of videos, already in the testing phase.

Generated for any Area of Interest (AOI) on images and brand assets on videos, these scores allow you to evaluate the performance of every key element in your creatives.

Predict viewing time, audience reach & brand performance with Predict’s new AOI attention scores

Rich Insights and Swift Predictions for Advertising

In addition to our Start, End, and Total Attention scores & generative AOIs, the new attention AOI scores provide tangible predictions on any creative asset's performance and enhance ease of use and understanding during creative pre-testing. The current update includes 2 attention AOI scores for images and 2 for video ads.

  • Time Spent: How long (in seconds) people will spend looking at the area on an image asset during a 5-second exposure
  • Percentage Seen: How many people (in %) will see/look at the area on an image asset during a 5-second exposure
  • Availability: How long (in seconds) a brand was present in a video
  • Relative Attention: How much Attention did a brand receive while it was present in the video

Improve Ad Engagement and Effectiveness with AI Predictions

With the new "Time Spent" and "Percentage Seen" scores, you can identify which elements in your ad creatives draw the most viewer engagement. Using these insights, you can adjust designs to better highlight key messages or products, ensuring they are seen and get higher engagement and optimized conversion rates.

Maximize Video Brand Attention 

The “Availability” and “Relative Attention” scores give video content creators the ability to understand not only for how long their branding is available, but how much attention it receives when it is available. With these insights, creators can strategically modify the video creatives, potentially increasing engagement levels.

“I think it has been one of the best updates in terms of ease-of-use and ease of understanding for clients and us so far!” - Joris Wechsler, Junior Insight Manager at Tre Kronor Media

Predict Paves the Way with Industry-Leading Insights

Predict sets itself apart by offering advanced metrics such as Time Spent and Percentage Seen, while easing interpretation for practical insight. While some tools in the landscape offer insights into attention, they often lack comprehensiveness. Particularly in video analytics, Predict surpasses competitors by automatically delivering extensive insights that others in the market fail to provide.

The Science Behind Our Latest Update

Each enhancement and score integrated into our AI undergoes rigorous scientific validation. Prior to introducing fresh insights, we conduct comprehensive studies to devise the formulas that fortify our AI model. Dive into the research that underpinned this latest update and explore the depth of our commitment to innovation and accuracy.

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Predict viewing time, audience reach & brand performance with Predict’s new scores

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