See How Attention Travels on Your Creatives with Start & End Attention Heatmaps

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May 31, 2023

We're thrilled to launch another milestone for our attention AI!

See how attention travels on your creatives with Neurons' game-changing feature: Start & End Attention.

You design a captivating ad, but how do you know what catches attention within the first crucial seconds? Or what keeps viewers engaged until the very last moment?

This new set of features will give you the answers in seconds so you can capture that crucial 1% that makes your ad stand out.

🚀 With the new Neurons heatmaps, you now can:

➟ Find performance gaps & improve your creatives

➟ Make more effective SoMe ads & visuals

➟ Tailor your ads to the right context

➟ Use the full power of Neurons AI

The attention journey on a social media ad.

In-Depth Knowledge in Seconds

The two new heatmaps empower you to dive deeper into attention data and measure how’s it is changing on an individual element level. You can also compare their performance to industry benchmarks at each stage of exposure.

Start Attention shows what draws attention in the first 2 seconds of exposure, while End Attention shows gives you insights about the last 2 seconds.

Total Attention heatmaps visualize all attention data for the entire 5 second exposure.

Say Hello to Effective Messaging

With the new Neurons features, you now can truly understand the customer attention journey, and sharpen your messaging.

Start & End Attention heatmaps will show you what most people see first in your ad and what elements lock their attention.

You can also measure attention on any element on your creative and benchmark their performance against industry standards.

Prevent the Scroll

Social Media ads have a brief window to captivate - often only around 2 seconds.

Neurons' 'Start Attention' predictions help you understand what stands out in your ad during that short window of time. For instance, you can see if your brand logo or a specific product grabs attention before the viewer scrolls away.

Check If Your Ad Needs More Time

Some ads are a slow burn, requiring viewers to spend a bit more time to get the full impact. The Start & End Attention heatmaps can tell you when your brand becomes the focus of attention and figure out whether the impact of your ad relies on viewers spending more time watching it. Longer viewing times can still work well for billboards etc.

Leverage Your Brand Power for Higher Engagement

The new predictions can also indicate how your brand power drives engagement. It's all about playing to your strengths!

If you are a major brand and your logo or name is the first thing that grabs attention, it paves the way for increased interest and engagement with the rest of your ad. However, if you are promoting a novel brand, the ad might need to rely more on its storytelling power to draw the viewer in and build engagement.

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See How Attention Travels on Your Creatives with Start & End Attention Heatmaps

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