What Makes A Memorable Unboxing Experience?

Adam Hencz

June 29, 2022

Can't we all recall the joy of opening presents as children?

In reality, the excitement never truly disappears. Many of us have vivid memories of unwrapping gifts and discovering presents we had wanted for so long.

Therein lies a valuable lesson for brands.

If you put some extra effort into offering a unique unboxing experience for your e-commerce brand, you can make any day Christmas for those who love your products.

Why does the unboxing experience matter to your brand?

Because a well-thought-out unboxing experience can confidently increase brand loyalty and imprint your brand in the minds of your customers. It also gives you the opportunity to show off your brand’s personality, share a story and express the values you have.

In the meantime unboxing experiences are one of the top sources of user-generated content for e-commerce brands. People are sharing their experiences on social media in excitement, thus the packaging of your product not only protects the contents but also serves as a marketing tool.

Predict eye-tracking analysis of a Madison Reed product unboxing experience. Original video created by Lumi.

1. It increases your product’s perceived value

Unboxing feeds our curiosity and appreciation of the unknown. It emphasizes how something lurks just beneath the surface that is most likely a large payoff. A one-of-a-kind unboxing experience gives your customers the impression that they are getting even more value for their money and from your product.

2. It is a great content marketing opportunity

Influencers are the cornerstones of the contemporary version of word-of-mouth marketing. They are often seen as primal authorities in particular industries in a world where consumers have grown increasingly skeptical of traditional advertising approaches.

Influencer content quickly became a significant tool in the marketing strategy toolbox and the potential is very real.

The images and video created organically or produced for specific campaign partnerships have a great potential to get your product and brand a lot of exposure and reach new audiences. Your efforts in putting together a great unboxing experience will be balanced by earning trust effectively at lower content production costs.

3. It makes your brand more memorable

Whether you are an emerging brand or an established one, branded packaging is essential to connect your brand with the unboxing experience itself.

Your logo and tagline proudly displayed on the outer box is a great start. If it's not evident who the package is from at first glance, you'll miss a lot of the initial anticipation you can otherwise leverage.

Once the content of the box is revealed, branded items like notes, cards and free samples will trigger immediate responses from your customers and will help you make your brand associated with the surprise elements of the unboxing experience.

Creating the perfect unboxing experience

Nail the unboxing experience for your brand with these 3 simple strategies.

1. Add a touch of personalization and surprise

Those extra touches are some of the most important for a more expressive packaging. You will make customers feel more appreciated and this can increase their emotional investment in your brand with a personalized product.

After all, you also want to recreate some of those meaningful in-store encounters for customers and rekindle their enthusiasm that led to their initial purchase.

The extra items complementing the purchased item may truly make the unboxing experience stand out. Free samples are a terrific method to nurture repeat business. Personal thank you notes and post-purchase discounts are also effective strategies to entice clients to return to your store.

Other engaging additions, like branded stickers or new product brochures, help keep your brand in the minds of your customers long after their initial purchase is complete.

Personalized items are central to the Empathy Wines unboxing experience. Eye-tracking heatmap analysis with Predict. Original image by Lumi.

2. Consistent branding and neat presentation

Nobody wants to open a package where the items appear to have been thrown into a plain box in a rush. The visual appeal of your packaging and the way you arrange its content have a significant impact on the excitement and anticipation that perfectly defines what an unboxing experience is.

Customers are more likely to take pictures of their new purchase or even produce an unboxing video to share online if the product is delicately presented and looks visually pleasing in the box. These unboxing videos will help to improve your brand recognition even more.

Bark Bright uses consistent colors and design elements for both product packages and box. Eye-tracking heatmap analysis with Predict. Original image by Lumi.

3. Encourage shoppers to share their unboxing experience

An image or video of someone unboxing your products can help your brand reach new consumers that would otherwise be hard to reach or discover.

The first encounter of the purchased product is frequently recorded, posted and shared across social channels. These videos place as much attention on the box and wrapping as they do on its content; occasionally, the creator may separate the two and create videos that just focus on packaging and the unboxing experience.

Empathy Wines encourages customers to share their unboxing experience and product feedback via a unique hashtag. Eye-tracking heatmap analysis with Predict. Original image by Lumi.

Consider inviting your customers to post their unboxing experiences with a customized hashtag you've generated. If you want to promote their experience, you might provide them the opportunity to be published on your website or social media platforms, as well as a discount coupon or other goodies such as rewards points or gifts. It also gives you access to trending influencers who unbox.

What Makes A Memorable Unboxing Experience?

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