Improve Shopper Experiences with Predictive AI

Optimize packaging for attention, create unforgettable displays, and position products for enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Build Shopping Experiences that Customers Remember

Boost Sales with Optimal Store Layouts & Promotions

Amplify your brand's power using AI-driven insights like customer attention, engagement, & more. Build eye-catching product displays & unforgettable impressions.

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Get Instant Feedback on your Visuals with Neurons Copilot

Use instant AI recommendations to build captivating customer experiences, maximize attention on product packaging, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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"Neurons is a strong example of what AI can do at its best. It always comes down to the 1% you need to add, and that's what we achieved with Neurons."

Jesper Kvisgaard,
CCI Director, Global Insights


Visualize Customer Attention for Streamlined Shopping Experiences

See designs through your customers' eyes, and compare them to industry benchmarks. Make your products stand out from store shelves with AI-powered visual testing & behavioral insights.

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Maximize Sales with Key Customer Insights

Drive In-Store & Online Sales

Offer better shopping experience than your competitors.

Make Your Products Easy to Find

Make your offers & products stand out in your retail space.

Save time & budget on testing

Collect customer responses at top speed with predictive AI.

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