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Boost ROI with AI-Powered Ad Testing

Get real-time feedback on your assets with Neurons Copilot & improve ad performance before spending a dime on campaigns.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Advertising

Launch Only the Best-Performing Ads

Compare visuals side-by-side, and see how your ads stack up against industry standards. Strategically guide audience attention to improve CTRs, conversions, & more.

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The Only Marketing Copilot 
Built on Neuroscience

Get instant AI recommendations to improve your ads on the fly. Create better ads faster with actionable performance insights at your fingertips.

Learn about Neurons Copilot

See How Tre Kronor Media Improved Client CTRs with Neurons

“Working with Neurons drastically reduces the time and money we spend on 
A/B testing. We get results in seconds and optimize as we go.”

Jon Söderlind,
Head of Insights and Strategy


Drive Revenue with Ads Worth Advertising

Get a taste of rapid performance analytics, and experience creative freedom without the fear of uncertainty.

See how it works

The old way

Outdated A/B testing

Drains resources

Slow to give results

High operational costs

Complicated & technical

Slow and tedious iterations

Requires high traffic & reach

Need to validate insights yourself

High risk of ineffective campaigns

The NEW way

A/B testing with Neurons

Faster decision-making

One-click validation with AI

Actionable recommendations

Advanced attention heatmaps

Scientifically validated methods

Highly scalable and easy-to-use

Test against industry benchmarks

Unlimited AI pre-tests & iterations

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