State of Advertising 2023 Report: Key Insights from Neuromarketing Research

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March 21, 2023

Neurons’ yearly report uncovers the latest strategies for effective advertising in the attention economy. Discover key takeaways and winning tactics for 2023.

The advertising industry is shifting its focus toward one key ingredient that will drive success in this new era: attention.

We entered 2023 knowing that:

  • The ultimate currency is attention
  • Context is king in digital advertising
  • Combining AI tools is key for high performance

With new content generation tools flooding the market, we are offered powerful solutions to boost advertising efforts quickly and effectively. But amidst these exciting innovations, one question lingers: how do we know what content actually works?

The State of Advertising 2023 Report is your latest overview of the advertising industry. All of its insights are distilled through our extensive neuromarketing research with hundreds of brands. In this annual report, you’ll find key takeaways revealing the trends and patterns that define the state of advertising today.

Read the attention economy’s leading report covering strategies that are essential for you to get the most ROAS in 2023. We’re covering:

  • Why winning attention is key to making a lasting impression with your ad? What are the biggest myths around attention? 
  • Why does context matter in digital advertising? How can you leverage this to improve ad effectiveness?
  • How can you elevate your video marketing strategy with short videos? What is driving the shift towards short videos in advertising?
  • How to combine AI tools for maximum impact? How is AI being used in advertising and marketing?
  • What are the benefits of print advertising in 2023? What surprising advantages can this medium offer?
  • What strategies are effective to elevate brand experiences? How can brands prevent negative experiences from damaging their brand?

Are you ready to discover winning tactics your advertising should focus on in 2023? Claim your copy of the State of Advertising 2023 today!

State of Advertising 2023 Report: Key Insights from Neuromarketing Research

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