Former PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt Joins Board to Support Neurons’ Responsible Business Development

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March 9, 2023

As a leading AI and neuroscience company, we at Neurons recognize the immense responsibility that comes with our work. AI technology is transforming the way we make decisions and is impacting society in profound ways. That's why we are delighted to announce that as part of our commitment to responsible business development, we are welcoming former Danish prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt to our board of directors.

The rapid emergence of accessible AI

At a time of rapid tech development, AI and machine learning have emerged as major focuses for companies seeking the most profitable ways forward. Generative AI, in particular, has exploded into the collective consciousness as these tools become more widely available. A study by the World Economic Forum found that 60% of adults worldwide expect that products and services using AI will profoundly change their daily life in the next three to five years.

Easily accessible machine learning and AI technology pose a significant risk of misuse, including the spread of misinformation, the amplification of biases, and the compromise of privacy. ChatGPT's fake scientific abstracts and Bing’s biased AI model bring about concerns on prioritizing quick deployment. Investing in responsible business practices helps us avoid similar issues and ensure the ethical development of our products.

Adopting responsible business development

Our company values are established on three main pillars: social responsibility, scientific validity, and rapid economic growth. We are building a company driven by ethical values that takes human-centric decisions conscious for both our team and our clients. We are taking action by combining the below strategies:

  • The paths we take as a company should both support the growth of our business, and also always bring benefit to society.
  • We are demonstrating scientific integrity and transparency by sharing our research, publishing studies for peer review, and collaborating with research institutes.
  • We are developing products and AI models that are representative of human behavior and not based on skewed samples.

Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, CEO and founder of Neurons, said,

As AI technology rapidly advances, we need to set an example by promoting responsible innovation practices. We will continue to grow our company in accordance to these practices; ensuring that our solutions are human-centric, and building our technology based on strong scientific integrity. Establishing our ethical advisory board, and having experts like Helle Thorning-Schmidt joining it to work with us, is central to our goals and purpose.

Advancing ethical and transparent AI

We are thrilled to announce that former Danish Prime Minister and humanitarian leader, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, has joined as the latest member of our board of directors and will be one of the fundamental members of our soon-to-be established Ethical Board. As Denmark’s first female prime minister, Thorning-Schmidt led a coalition government from 2011-2015 and later served as chief executive of the charity organization, Save the Children International. She is also a member of Facebook’s External Oversight Board which acts as the de-facto Supreme Court for decisions on the ethics of the freedom of expression on Facebook. We are honored to have her join our mission to drive ethical practices. Thorning-Schmidt said,

“AI technology is transforming the way we work and is impacting society in profound ways, so the adoption and development of this technology needs to be shouldered responsibly and scrupulously. What Neurons is doing with its responsible business measures is pioneering a new standard for the industry, and I am pleased to be part of their ethical advisory board, helping them carve out this path.”

Besides developing ethical guidelines, we also consider our partnerships carefully. We collaborate exclusively with those who share our values and ethical standards, and certain industries do not meet our criteria for collaboration. In addition, our partners must demonstrate a commitment to higher ethical standards and responsible practices.

We also feel a moral obligation to build products with scientific validity, reliability, and transparency. We will not accept projects or tailor results to customer benefit, and value honesty over profit. Therefore we are also establishing a Scientific Strategy Group and creating scientific standards and protocols to ensure that our products focus on predicting mass behavior and not individual behaviors.

A blueprint for Neurons’ mission

With the above actions in place, our goal is to provide high-quality solutions with customer safety and benefits in mind. We believe that by putting the human experience at the center of everything we do, we can create a world where technology enriches our lives. We don't believe in resorting to trickery, distractions, or nudging to sway customers. Instead, we take a different approach.

Our goal as a business is to enable, empower and engage the customer.

Consumer psychology studies have shown that consumers are often happiest with their choices when they feel that they are actively involved in the decision-making process and are empowered to make an informed decision. By contrast: when consumers feel that they were tricked or manipulated into making a choice, they are less satisfied with the outcome.

We also want to feel that we are the active chooser — we have agency — of the purchase. We don’t want to feel conflicted about our choices. The optimal is when a choice is both rationally good and also feels right. The unconscious and conscious work best when they go hand in hand. This is why Neurons is working to ensure that we drive people to make the right decision that benefits society as a whole.

Former PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt Joins Board to Support Neurons’ Responsible Business Development

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