Introducing Industry & Platform Benchmarks For Predict AI

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February 1, 2023

We're excited to unveil Benchmarks for Predict, a powerful and breakthrough feature to our predictive-AI tool, helping you pre-test & compare your creatives to industry standards in no time.

Benchmarks help you discover how to optimize your creatives for better performance & set goals and best practices to streamline creative production across your teams.

From advertising through web and product design, you can now boost any creative with Predict Benchmarks in seconds.

With Predict Benchmarks you can:

  • Uncover performance gaps & improve your creatives
  • Set measurable goals for creative performance
  • Streamline workflow for your creative team
  • Use the full power of Predict AI

Breakthrough feature in creative asset pre-testing

The new feature allows you to simply upload your marketing creatives and assets, select the category they fall under, such as banner ads, social media ads, website layouts, product packaging, etc. and see how they perform compared to the industry standard.

Benchmarks also help you understand whether your asset is comprehensible and memorable before it is launched.

Find performance gaps to improve creatives

Predict Benchmarks allow you to get insight into any performance gaps to improve your creative for more attention and higher performance.

You can also analyze specific areas of your assets, called Areas of Interest (AOIs) to understand how each element compare to the standards for attention and behavioral scores.

The instant AI predictions and comparisons add a unique layer of data to the forecasted performance insights of your pre-testing process.

See how your creatives stack up against industry standards

Benchmarks offer you a clearer understanding of standard practices in your industry and what you can do to stand out.

Compare the performance of your marketing assets to the industry and social platform standards & see how they perform in attention, cognition, clarity, and engagement.

With these AI-generated insights, you can see where your ads are performing well and where they may fall short.

Set measurable goals for creative performance

The new feature allows you to set goals for your creatives’ performance about where they stand on different scores.

You can track your progress, compare versions and make data-driven decisions to optimize your production process.

This will help you achieve better results and make more informed decisions about which creatives to invest more resources in and launch live.

Streamline workflow for your creative team

Benchmarks serve as solid points of reference to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your creatives throughout the entire creative process, from templates to finished designs.

The new insights will help you establish best practices for your creatives, speed up iterations & streamline creative workflow.

The simplest way to uncover pre-launch performance

We made it simple to see, understand and compare Benchmark scores in Predict. The Benchmarks are displayed over your creative’s scores, making it easy to analyze your creatives as you work in Predict.

The benchmarks are displayed on a scale presenting a range of different creatives and AOI categories. Just select the types of creative & elements you want to analyze and get results in seconds.

Built with all the power of Predict AI

We calculated Benchmarks from a dataset of thousands of images that fall into three main categories: ads, websites, and products. We ran each of these images through Predict AI to predict scores of Cognitive Demand, Focus, Clarity, and Engagement.

Nearly 20,000 AOIs were drawn across the images to measure performance to the smallest details on any important element of the creative assets. AOIs were sorted into categories like the brand logo, headline, product, and more. For each AOI category, Predict AI calculated the corresponding attention score.

Get access to Predict & Benchmarks today

Book a demo to get access to Predict AI and supercharge your creatives with Benchmarks! We've also pulled together this resource to answer any questions you may have.

Introducing Industry & Platform Benchmarks For Predict AI

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