GreenBook Podcast: Pioneering Applications for Neuroscience

Adam Hencz

October 13, 2022

What kind of human behaviors are predictable? Are we using AI responsibly? How will AI shape the future of the insights and analytics industry?

Our founder and CEO, Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, joins GreenBook’s host Lenny Murphy to discuss some of the fundamental questions of predictive AI. They explore how within ethical bounds, neuroscience can show novel pathways to predict mass behavior and market responses. The two also talk about Thomas’ journey from clinical psychology through consumer neuroscience research to the accelerating growth of Neurons.

The session also gives an overview of the three underlying revolutions that make predicting mass behavior possible and reliable:

  • the neuroscience revolution, helping to understand unconscious human behavior,
  • the AI revolution, that allows us to predict outcomes, and
  • the platform revolution, that puts these technologies at our fingertips.

We are predictable

Newly developed techniques for measuring brain responses have enabled humanity to understand the unconscious mind better. As a ground truth for neuroscience, unconscious processes drive choice even before conscious processes happen. “We must realize that the vast majority of how we respond to our environment and make decisions are completely unconscious,” explains Thomas in this episode.

With the urge to understand ourselves at such a fundamental level, tied in with the integration of predictive AI, we are reaching a point where AI models can unmap these unconscious responses and predict human behavior. These breakthroughs are only possible because humans are surprisingly coherent in their reactions to visual stimuli.

Making a transparent solution

As Thomas explains, “our political decision making, the products we choose at the store or our brand loyalty are not deliberately conscious processes, but rather results of our habits and gut reactions.” Should we influence these unconscious processes? Is it possible to do so without tracking individuals and sending hyper-targeted messages? In Thomas’ opinion, “we need to speak more openly about the ultimate goal we want to achieve by influencing people before we start discussing the means of how to do it.

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GreenBook Podcast: Pioneering Applications for Neuroscience

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