Meet Neurons Copilot: The First AI Copilot Powered by Neuroscience

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April 8, 2024

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Copilot, a brand-new add-on to our AI solution.

Copilot gives you instant recommendations on how to make your visual content better to meet its true purpose.

We’ve created Copilot so that you can save the day with one-click insights 👇

  • Get crystal-clear suggestions on what to do next
  • Customize Copilot for every use case
  • Make faster creative decisions

Get Crystal-Clear Suggestions on What to Do Next

Copilot predicts content performance and tells you how to make content more effective, branding more visible, key messages more appealing, and much more. And it’s all built on 20+ years of neuroscience research.

Get crystal-clear suggestions on how to make your content better. Start improving your creatives with Neurons Copilot!

Customize Copilot for (Almost) Any Use Case

Get personalized recommendations and fine-tune ads based on your industry, platform, use case, and more. Copilot considers your specific purpose and selected goals like brand building or conversions for every suggestion. It helps you maximize your content’s impact across all channels.

This is How You Make Faster Creative Decisions

Powered by Neurons AI, Copilot gives you actionable insights in an instant. It enables faster data-driven decisions for your whole team and across departments. The platform gives you unlimited testing, meaning you can analyze as many images and videos as you want.

Make faster creative decisions with Neurons Copilot. Book a demo today!

Along with Copilot, we’re thrilled to announce a bunch of new features and updates to the Neurons platform, including:

  • Step-by-step goal selection flow: Go through a few simple steps to give more details about your assets and get insights personalized to your specific goals.
  • Overview for high-level decisions: We improved the decision-making workflow at scale by giving an overview of Copilot insights in folder view.
  • Multi-layered benchmark system: With Copilot, the Neurons platform now has a multi-layered benchmark system for both images and videos. Benchmarks are based on nearly 14.000 creative assets (~8.000 images, ~5.700 videos,) and 67.000+ Areas of Interest (AOIs) exclusively from commercial assets.
  • Benchmarks for video content: Evaluate any video against recommended ranges to optimize content and beat your competition. Generate brand insights on an AOI level for videos.
  • Benchmarks for all attention metrics: See how your creatives stack up against ideal Total Attention, Time Spent, Percentage Seen, plus Start & End Attention metrics.
  • New AI video model: The next generation of our AI video model is part of this release with top-tier performance and smoother heatmaps.
  • One-click reporting: Streamline your reporting process with generated insights that are easy to share with stakeholders.
  • Improved UI: The platform also got a clearer UI and improved AOI predictions that enable rapid comparisons on an AOI level.

First-glance overview, personalized insights, streamlined reporting, and more. Book your demo & see Copilot in action!

The Only AI Copilot Built on Neuroscience

With Copilot, you're using science to drive your strategy, not just guessing.

At its core, Copilot is powered by a Large Language Model (AI), which has been enhanced with knowledge from Neurons’ CEO and Chief AI Officer Dr. Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy's publications.

We are constantly updating Copilot with the latest works of Dr. Ramsøy and the Neurons team. Plus, we curate findings from marketing, consumer psychology, and neuromarketing to offer the most current and effective insights.

“Imagine having the world’s best marketing and neuromarketing knowledge at your fingertips,” explained Dr. Ramsøy. “That’s exactly what we're bringing to the table with Copilot. It’s like having a marketing genius by your side who’s making sure that your creative work isn’t just hitting the mark but setting new benchmarks for success.”

You AI Copilot for effective creatives. See what you can achieve with Copilot.

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Meet Neurons Copilot: The First AI Copilot Powered by Neuroscience

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