Terms & Conditions 

Our Terms and Conditions is a legally binding contract between Neurons and our clients. The Terms and Conditions set out rules under which we provide our clients with our SaaS (Predict and Explore) using applied neuroscience and AI to better predict and understand the customer experience. Along with this, our terms and conditions lay out the conditions of use for the service, including liability, indemnification, intellectual property rights, and dispute resolution governing laws and procedures. Moreover, it helps represent to us what we should expect from each client in exchange for the service to both preserve the integrity of the software and to protect both individual users and clients. 

With these Terms and Conditions in place, we can help set expectations for our clients, while ensuring that we can provide the best possible service. Please note that our Terms and Conditions are made taking into consideration the nature of our SaaS products, and we provide the same SaaS solution to all of our customers, this is commonly referred to as a “one to many” service. This unfortunately means that it is difficult for us to enter into bespoke contracts as our standard subscription terms have been drafted to accurately reflect the “one to many” service we provide and the operating model we deploy

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