Neurons has Acquired VisualEyes and Loceye!

Prema Puganenthran

April 11, 2022

Welcome Loceye and their AI design assistant, VisualEyes, to the Neurons platform!

Learn more about the acquisition and what it means for you from Neurons CEO, Thomas Z. Ramsøy and VisualEyes’ Co-founder, Costas Alexoglou.

The move brings 35,000 new clients with a projected 1,000 more each month and will enable Neurons to focus on using AI to accurately predict human emotions and sentiments.  It boosts the company’s competitive advantage and dramatically increases the growth and accuracy of its customer prediction platform, revolutionising the way brands do business.

Companies often fail to predict, know, or understand consumer responses. This results in inaccurate and unfocused marketing, and more advertising noise to the customer.  

With this acquisition, we will be focusing on further developing and expanding our AI product to predict human emotions and sentiments – foreseeing how people feel at consumer touchpoints.  

By integrating VisualEyes' AI models and the technologies utilized by Loceye, such as webcam eye tracking and face tracking, Neurons’ products will offer an additional level of usability and give brands a strong competitive edge. Accuracy will increase, as will the speed at which new predictive AI models are created.

To learn more about the acquisition and what it means for Loceye and VisualEyes customers, we've put together some Frequently Asked Questions.

We can’t wait to welcome their customers to the Neurons platform where they will be able to continue, and even expand, on their processes for predicting visual attention on their content.

Learn more about Neurons 

Neurons is a Customer Prediction Platform. Based on the world’s largest consumer neuroscience database, we offer a suite of online products based on neuroscience and AI in the MarTech industry. Our products are Predict, a cloud-based AI that predicts customer responses such as attention, emotion, and cognition; Explore, a remote neuroscience user testing platform; and Research, a bespoke, full-scale neuroscience research solution that also lies at the core of all our SaaS products. We aim to make consumer neuroscience accessible and affordable to a broader user group. 

We will be reaching out to all Loceye and VisualEyes customers for an introduction to the Neurons platform. 

Neurons has Acquired VisualEyes and Loceye!