Neurons has Acquired VisualEyes and Loceye!

Prema Puganenthran

April 11, 2022

Welcome Loceye and their AI design assistant, VisualEyes, to the Neurons platform

Learn more about the acquisition and what it means for you from Neurons CEO, Thomas Z. Ramsøy and VisualEyes’ Co-founder, Costa Alexoglou.

Acquisition details

We can’t wait to welcome their customers to the Neurons platform where they will be able to continue, and even expand, on their processes for predicting visual attention on their content.

Learn more about Neurons 

Neurons is a Customer Prediction Platform. Based on the world’s largest consumer neuroscience database, we offer a suite of online products based on neuroscience and AI in the MarTech industry. Our products are Neurons AI, a cloud-based AI that predicts customer responses such as attention, emotion, and cognition; and Explore, a remote neuroscience user testing platform. We aim to make consumer neuroscience accessible and affordable to a broader user group. 

Read the FAQs on the acquisition.

We will be reaching out to all Loceye and VisualEyes customers for an introduction to the Neurons platform.

Neurons has Acquired VisualEyes and Loceye!

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