Beware the corner of death!

Thomas Z. Ramsøy

July 31, 2020

One simple learning from years of study on attention and eye-tracking shows that anything presented in the bottom-right corner is the last thing to be seen. But what do a large number of ads do? They put their brand smack in the bottom-right corner. What to do? Move it!

Take a look at the following images. They show great ads that nevertheless fail miserably! Based on the title and the intro, you can already guess what's wrong.

All images are from a Predict analysis of the image, using the latest heat map visualization.

It's pretty obvious: from a narrative perspective, the idea is as follows: the viewer sees the object, then reads the text, and then understands the text/metaphor, and finally sees the brand and makes the connection.

But this assumption all relies on the fact that people have the time and interest in digesting all that information. Understanding a metaphor is not something we automatically do. Likewise, connecting ad message to brands is not something your average customer is interesting in doing in the same way they try to solve a Sudoku.

So why not -- once and for all -- get it right? Put the brand somewhere else than the bottom-right corner... Make it something that they see as the first thing. You don't have the luxury of customers' time to force them to process your information and associate it to your brand.

If you're a brand owner, a consultant, or a designer, this trick will save you millions! By moving the brand from the bottom-right corner to some place more central, and by analyzing with Predict to optimize the ad, your ad can boost brand association and recall by several multiples. Why not start doing it today? Get a free demo to get your own ad analysis.

Beware the corner of death!

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