eBook: AI-Led Growth For Agencies

Adam Hencz

June 11, 2024

Agencies can hardly keep up with CMO demands.

So they're making their bets on rushed AI adoption.

But lazy agencies will only inflate their problems with AI and scale their bad habits.

Let's fix that with some simple AI strategies any agency can use to make time for what matters.

In this book, we’ll cover a couple of strategies that:

  1. Save creative teams time & headspace during production
  2. Make data & AI part of your agency’s DNA
  3. Improve operations with automation

Plus, we’ll share the secret ingredient to pitching your new value propositions to build new partnerships and close more deals.

These tips have helped agencies shave off precious hours and mental load without compromising quality and creative talent.

Get the industry’s first guide to AI-led growth

AI Is Disrupting The Agency Business

AI investments are increasing rapidly. Initial hopes that AI would significantly change advertising have been surpassed.

Agencies are also massively investing in AI. Here’s how some of the biggest names are making waves.

WPP, the world's largest ad agency holding, teamed up with chipmaker Nvidia in May 2023 to develop ads with generative AI. They’re aiming to lift off work from their creative teams by blending content from libraries like Adobe and Getty Images into their campaigns using AI, making content creation run smoother and faster.

In the same year, Omnicom Group rolled out its first generative AI tool, partnering with Microsoft. This AI-powered virtual assistant is designed to help ad professionals with everything from compiling audience insights to crafting media plans, making their work easier and more efficient.

August 2023 saw the Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG), the fifth-largest ad agency globally, join forces with Google to push AI in brand marketing. Not to be outdone, a month later, Japanese ad giant Dentsu introduced d.SCRIPTOR, a new AI tool focused on boosting paid search by developing tailored ad copy.

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What Agency Clients Want from AI

So, what do agency clients really get out of all this AI buzz? How do you know that you’ve invested in the right tools?

When UK-based agency Oliver surveyed clients in 2023, they found that UK marketers are banking on generative AI to boost efficiency across their organization, especially in advertising.

A whopping 89% of marketers from the survey link AI to the improvement of operational processes and process efficiency.

When asked about the areas of their marketing operations most likely to be disrupted by AI, 89% pointed to content production. 47% considered social management AI’s main success factor.

For agencies, these stats are eye-opening. They highlight a huge opportunity for those ready to shake things up, but they also serve as a warning for those who aren’t as nimble.

AI is here to stay, so embrace it.

Get the industry’s first guide to AI-led growth

Get the Guide: AI-Led Growth For Agencies

So, how can agencies use AI more efficiently in production?

How can they make sure their designs are both appealing and effective?

Get the industry’s first guide to AI-led growth & scale creative processes while saving time and budget.

eBook: AI-Led Growth For Agencies

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