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Tap into the power of Predict

VisualEyes gave you access to all the perks of automated eye-tracking from pre-testing campaigns and design to speeding up product cycles and generating customer insights with the touch of a button.

With Predict, you can have access to all of the same functionalities while we have added extra features to give you even more value. By switching from VisualEyes to Neurons Predict and get your hands on powerful features, expert guidance and step-by-step tutorials.

VisualEyes vs Predict AI

93% accurate

No video model

No comparisons

No benchmarks

Only attention heatmaps

Only fixed exposure

No peer-reviewed papers

Need to validate insights yourself

+95% accurate validation in one click

Unlimited pre-tests on videos

Compare ad performance in seconds

Industry & platform benchmarks

Heatmaps for attention, emotions, and more

Start, End & Total attention heatmaps

Scientifically validated methods

One-on-one onboarding & clear interpretations


Who are Neurons and what do we do?
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Neurons, the world’s leading consumer neuroscience company, combines neuroscience and AI to predict consumer behavior. Since 2013, we've been helping Fortune-500 companies fine-tune their customer experiences, from advertising to tech. We offer solutions from AI to comprehensive research services for every consumer touchpoint.

How does Neurons differ from VisualEyes?
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Neurons outperforms VisualEyes with more precise scores in clarity, engagement, and saliency, thanks to our dedicated science team. Our AI solution, Predict was trained on one of the world’s largest eye-tracking databases and offers a 95% accuracy making it the most accurate design prediction tool on the market.

What types of creatives can I test with Neurons?
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Besides Predict, Neurons offers two tools to help you understand consumer behavior & improve marketing performance: Explore, a remote testing tool that collects real responses from your target audience; Explore Lab, a bespoke neuroscience solution with EEG & eye-tracking for full-scale studies.

Will I have a point of contact when I join?
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Yes, you will have a designated Customer Success Manager and a full onboarding when transitioning over. We will help you get set up and give you access when you transition over.

Optimizie your creatives & drive revenue with Predict

Maximize creative impact

Measure attention and engagement at a click of a button. Ensure that your creatives deliver, without burning budget on A/B testing.

With Predict you can:
Optimize creatives & assets, all the way from ads to websites
Increase conversions with more powerful images & videos
Take the guesswork out of your design processes

“Our advertisers have really fallen in love with Predict. With each iteration, we are saving them time and money spent on their campaigns.”

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Improve Creative Performance with Attention Prediction

Create high-converting creatives
Understand how your customers respond to your creatives
Improve performance with data-driven design