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How it works

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What can I use it for?

Research is our high-end bespoke study solution. We test participants with hardware-enabled eye-trackers and brain scanners (EEG).

This gives us unique access to their responses as they unfold over time. With Research you can analyze and diagnose where the customer experience succeeds and where it goes wrong.

All Neurons’ methods and metrics are documented in the leading peer-reviewed science journals, and industry vetted for more than a decade. You can read about our methods in our whitepaper.

Second-by-second responses

EEG and eye-tracking

Designed for your needs

Designed for your needs

Our academic partners

We collaborate with top-tier universities.

Deep science & tech to build scalable online products

Neurons' world-leading expertise in applied neuroscience, behavioral science, and AI lies as the foundation for our online solutions, Predict and Explore.

Each method and metric is built, validated, and benchmarked through the Research solutions, and done by our leading scientific team, and vetted by industry professionals.

Neurons also has the world's largest consumer neuroscience database, which also is added to with tens of thousands of new participants each year.
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