Research provides real customer responses as they unfold in a variety of situations. Anything from ads to VR can be tested globally with this high quality bespoke research solution.

Neurons is the world’s leading applied neuroscience company. In addition to our lab tests, we can also collect data in everyday environments such as stores, homes, and on devices such as phones, VR/AR, and more.

How it works

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What can I use it for?

Research is our high-end bespoke studies solution. We test participants with hardware-enabled eye-trackers and brain scanners (EEG). This gives us unique access to their responses as they unfold over time.With Research you can analyze and diagnose where the customer experience succeeds and where it goes wrong. All Neurons’ methods and metrics are documented in the leading peer-reviewed science journals, and industry vetted for more than a decade. You can read about our methods in our white paper.

TV Advertising

How soon is your ad seen, and what is the first impression to it? Do people see the brand, the CTA, or something else?

Social Media

Test how users respond to your content from the first second to the lasting impression


How do visitors respond to the landing page? What drives their engagement, and are there any bounce rate triggers?

Product & Packaging

What are customers’ emotional responses as they unpack, open, and use your product?


Will customers see your product on the shelf? How do they respond to sections and signs in your store?


What is the learning curve for your new interface? Are customers engaged or frustrated?

Proof of method

Research is a collection of methods and metrics that are built on more than two decades of academic research, and more than a decade of industry experience.

This work relies on the world-class expertise of Neurons’ Founder & CEO, Dr. Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, who is considered a leading figure in the field of applied neuroscience.

All methods and metrics have been published in peer-reviewed science journals, and are the product of collaboration with leading universities, such as Stanford, Oxford, MIT, and INSEAD.

Neurons' Research is trusted and shared by leading companies such as Facebook, Twitter, IKEA, Spotify, and Tesco.