How it works

Upload your image or video files from any device to the Predict platform
The Predict AI analyzes your images in seconds and videos in minutes, directly in the platform
Get scores on Cognitive Demand and Clarity to optimize your creatives for customer attention and to drive desired user behavior

What can I use it for?

Predict can be used for all visual stimuli — both for images and video.

Boost attention to your ad and ensure that your brand and other elements are seen
Product & Packaging
Lead customers' eyes to the most important product and packaging assets
Website & E-commerce
Optimize your web design to bring attention to the most important items
Test customers' attention to video content and if important elements are seen
Ensure viewability and findability of in-store signs and products
Improve user experience design for attention to the right interface elements

Proof of method

Predict is built on extensive neuroscience research. Our AI has been trained on one of the industry’s largest eye-tracking databases, with over 12,000 participants. This is based on the continual research on attention conducted by Neurons' own Research solution. Each year, we add up to 5,000 new participants' eye-tracking data to the database.

Predict's prediction model has an over 91% accuracy. This is measured through Neurons' unique validation paradigm, which includes three steps:

Pixel-by-Pixel: A conservative test, where we compare the model prediction and the eye-tracking data on a pixel basis.
Area of Interest: Here, we extract the aggregate attention from preselected AOIs (e.g., face, product, brand, and text) and compare the model prediction with the eye-tracking data.
Interpretations: In this step, we ask professionals to evaluate heat maps, where they are blinded as to whether it is from Predict and eye-tracking, and then compare whether the interpretations are aligned.

Used and trusted by the largest companies in the world
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