Predict and optimize customer choice and behavior on your customer touchpoints. NeuroOnline is an online neuroscience-based customer testing solution.

By submitting your marketing assets through an online panel, NeuroOnline helps you quickly assess and understand actual customer attention, emotion, cognition, and stated responses.

With NeuroOnline you can test both regional and global audiences, and you can compare any group you prefer on visual and auditory content.

How it works

Quickly learn about customers’ responses and sentiments!
Test your ads, products, stores and other assets against global online neuroscience panels and receive results in just a few days
Get insights on user and customer attention, emotion, motivation, and responses.

& Upload
Select your test type and upload your images or videos

The Test research team will assess your design and send it to field as soon as it has been confirmed
Track your project status as it runs, and communicate with our experts
See the final results on the platform, and download all materials

What can I use it for?

NeuroOnline can be used with all visual and auditory assets to help you understand what your customer will see, feel, think, say, and do. By having these customer insights, you can finally predict your in market performance of your assets before they go live.

TV Advertising
Does the ad generate the right emotions, does it build your brand or lead to action?
Product & Packaging
What are the emotional responses and associations to your product?
Social Media
Use our ad-insertion tool to test how your content works across different platforms
Static Images
Understand your customers' attention and emotions to any static stimuli.
Do visitors use the website as intended, and does it generate the right emotions?
How do learners respond to your interface? Are they intrigued or annoyed?

Proof of method

NeuroOnline has been developed from advanced psychological and neuroscience-based testing solutions. NeuroOnline contains multiple tests to give you best-in-class consumer insights for predicting market responses.

The NeuroOnline tests include customer motivation, implicit and explicit associations, memory, and stated preferences. Through these tests, you get reliable insights on customer attention, emotion, associations, memory, and feelings.

All testing solutions have been scientifically validated and industry vetted. With sample sizes of N=200, and testing available across the entire globe, it is now possible to predict diverse responses within the sample of interest.

Used and trusted by the largest companies in the world
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