Conduct neuroscience research projects without recruiting a research team. With Explore, you can create online panel studies to run tests for customer attention, emotion, and cognition quickly and at scale.
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How it works

Test your visual assets against global online neuroscience panels and get insights on user and customer attention, emotion, motivation, and responses in just a few days.

Select a test type from our standardized projects.

Upload your visual assets, set your testing parameters including testing sample.
We'll recruit participants based on your target segmentation.
We will send the test to field. You can track your project status as it runs on your dashboard.
Receive the final results via a report on the platform in 5-7 days.

What can I use it for?

Explore can be used to test your marketing assets to help you understand what your customer will see, feel, think, say, and do. By having these customer insights, you can finally predict the market performance of your assets before they go live.

TV Advertising
Does the ad generate the right emotions, does it build your brand or lead to action?
Social Media Advertising
Use our ad-insertion tool to test how your content works across different platforms.
Static Images
Understand your customers' attention and emotions to any static stimuli.

Uncover your customers’ unconscious

Explore’s self-service platform democratizes neuroscience research. With our affordable standardized tests, you can easily setup and launch studies to gain insight into the hidden drivers of your customers’ behaviors.

The test options are based on advanced psychological and best-in-class neuroscience testing solutions. And we don’t just provide the data, our in-house team of neuroscience experts will interpret the findings and provide recommendations for improvements. 

Test for customer motivation, implicit and explicit associations, memory, and stated preferences quickly and easily.

Used and trusted by the largest companies in the world
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Unlock user behavior and optimize user experience!

Predict, understand and adapt your business to your customers’ decision-making processes through the power of neuroscience and AI. Talk to the Neurons team today.

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