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Customizable AI for Every Use-Case

Get personalized recommendations and fine-tune ads based on your industry, platform, & more

For agencies

Win over clients with data-driven campaigns and accelerate growth with scalable attention prediction.

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For marketers

Put a stop to endless design revisions and experience creative freedom without fear of uncertainty.

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Neurons Copilot

Design with Confidence

Get rapid feedback on your visuals, and optimize ads with fast AI recommendations.

Tap into 20+ years of neuroscience research with the only AI copilot built on neuroscience.

Attention Heatmaps & AOIs

Build Eye-Catching Ads

Visualize audience attention instantly. See what your customers see - before they see it.

Understand how much attention is on your key elements, draw custom areas of interest, or simply use Neurons’ automatic AOIs.

Cognitive Scores & Benchmarks

Improve In-House Expertise

Predict how customers respond to your ads to make data-driven design decisions.

See how your ads stack up against industry standards, identify performance gaps, and make adjustments on the fly.

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Accelerate A/B Testing

Compare your best designs side-by-side.

Choose the winning variation based on performance rather than intuition & put numbers to your creative choices.

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The Science Behind Neurons

Scientific validity is at the heart of everything we do at Neurons. Our methods and metrics are built on the latest approaches and cutting-edge advances in cognitive neuroscience, machine learning, AI, and psychology.

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