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Enhance your product’s data set with the power of behavior prediction. Become a partner and gain access to our Predict API: our state-of-the-art AI solution with your processes to provide your users with deeper customer intelligence.

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Used and trusted by the largest companies in the world

Powerful product data points

Establish your competitive edge and retain customers with attention and cognitive metrics.

With Predict API, you can build our high-impact performance insights into products or processes to validate concepts or optimize visual assets.

Backed by neuroscience

Predict’s AI has trained over 30 different machine learning models built on one of the world’s largest eye-tracking databases.

With over 90% prediction accuracy, the Predict API is validated and will continue to be developed by scientifically-backed data.

Customizable and scalable

Set up developer integrations or implement them for your own unique business case.

Predict API can be seamlessly integrated with your product’s design and development needs.

Use Cases

Content metadata
Use Predict’s data to improve meta content for discovery, search, or selections within a database.
Content improvements
Use Predict to provide feedback on visual content before publication, e.g. social media posts, e-mails or websites.
Ad tech metadata
Add additional predictive data sets to provide better optimization of ads, e.g. A/B split testing on content or CTA

Easy to use prediction and analysis features

Attention prediction
Heatmaps and fogmaps are generated in a matter of seconds to indicate the most attention-grabbing elements in visual assets.

Clarity score
An index of how large a portion of an image draws attention. Higher clarity scores are achieved when a single or very few narrow areas draw attention.

Cognitive demand
A score showing the amount of information that the viewer has to process through the visual assets. The more complex the visual, the more perceptual load and thereby more cognitive demand.

Integrate with insights
into the consumer’s unconscious

Neurons is making neuroscience and user-testing as simple and accessible as any other addition to your tech stack. We work with innovative and ambitious organizations all across the globe, helping them bring tangible metrics from the human brain to improve their offerings