Webinar: The AI Dilemma of Advertising

Neurons HQ

August 30, 2023

AI is going to reward the marketers who adapt quicker.

And there’s more change to come.

This session will bring you up to speed on how AI has already transformed advertising, what the future has in store, and how you can use this knowledge to get ahead—and stay ahead.

Learn from Mike Storm, Neurons COO & Partner, who has helped build and scale one of the fastest-growing neuro-AI businesses in the world, with over 500 neuroscience projects under his belt.

In this 30-minute session, you will:

✱ Get a grip on how AI will impact advertising
✱ Know how to harness AI for better returns
✱ Elevate your ad creation process with AI

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Mark the date: September 20th | 10am ET | 4pm CET

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Webinar: The AI Dilemma of Advertising

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