How Brand Recognition in Ads Drives Revenue

Adam Hencz

September 13, 2022

The world’s best-known brands all have one thing in common: they draw attention. Attention connects brands with people. Attention creates opportunity and demand. Brands become household names because they are recognizable.

In the midst of the overwhelming noise of ads, posts, snapshots, videos, and brand messages, attention becomes a crucial factor of brand success. But can we determine what grabs attention and what sticks in customer’s minds? 

In our work with consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing, we built and mined the highest-quality consumer neuroscience database in the industry and now can predict customer attention and behaviour at the click of a button. These tools empower teams to step into the unknown and build ad campaigns with confidence and get more job done with less resources.

In this eBook, we’re breaking down useful findings of the field and offer actionable tips for you to draw attention to your brand and increase revenue with your ads. Find out more in our new eBook, where you can expect to learn:

  • How attention can positively influence ROI
  • Simple design tweaks that hook viewers
  • Real cases on how attention impacts revenue
  • How to boost and lock customer attention and connect your ads with your brand for better brand recognition

How Brand Recognition in Ads Drives Revenue

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