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Real responses, real data

Explore is a remote testing platform that reveals how your exact audience segment feels about your ads, brand, and visual assets.

With Explore you can:
Improve ROI & ROAS by launching ads that work from the start
Prove creative decisions with real consumer data
Fire off ads and visual content on the right channel

How does it work?

Upload creatives

Select any creative asset from banner & display ads, all the way to TV commercials. Test against your competitors.

Customize test

Build online tests in minutes. Scope your project, run a standard test or customize emotions & associations you test for.

Global recruitment

We measure responses of real people from your target audience of any age, gender, country, profession, nearly anywhere in the world.


Get results on your assets in days, not in weeks. Receive raw data, standard metrics & crystal clear reports.

Test across major formats & channels

Amp up your social media presence

See how your content works across the major social media platforms before the launch.

Know how your audience feels about your ads & posts in real-world contexts. Run in-feed tests before the launch to increase conversions on social media.

High engagement for static and TV ads

Drive engagement right from the start & test static creatives and videos before they go live.

Know what resonates with your audience
Compare ads against your competitors
Predict what customers see, feel and think about your brand

The science behind Explore

Explore tests measure the associations people unconsciously have towards brands, ads and visual assets. Explore reveals emotional and motivational drivers such as liking, trust, and willingness to buy.

Each Explore test is based on reaction time and memory tests including self-report questionnaires to measure the different dimensions of consumer behavior.

Emotions & Motivations

Brand Recognition

Fast Response Tests

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