Opening a neuromarketing lab in the US

Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy

October 21, 2020

Since Neurons started in 2013, the vast majority of our studies and work have been in North America. But today we celebrate a landmark in the growth of Neurons. We are establishing a lab in Dallas, TX. Here, we introduce the people who are starting to work with managing the lab, and how this will pan over to next steps for Neurons in North America.

Why Dallas?

As we were planning to establish our first neuromarketing lab in the US, many things had to be considered. There are several reasons for choosing Dallas, TX. A few include:

  • Representative sample -- Are New Yorkers or Californians the "real Americans"? When running tests, we need to ensure that the participants we test are representative of the broader American population. Here, we have learned that despite what many may have as impressions of Texans, they are indeed highly representative of the broader American population. Not New York or Los Angeles.
  • Great talent base -- Over the last years where we have run more tests in Texas than any other state, we have learned about the many strengths of the workforce in regions such as Dallas, Austin, and Houston. As we grow in the US, we need new hires for roles such as technicians, project managers, engineers, and more. Texas has got'em all!
  • It's well connected -- For a European company like ourselves, it is critical that travel is easy to our labs. Dallas is especially well connected, on top of the many other assets.
  • Pricing -- In general, the costs for doing business in Texas are significantly lower than many other regions of the US. Lower prices also mean lower costs to our clients!
  • Business-friendly -- Coming from a country that is hefty on company and private taxes, we surely appreciate the friendly environment that Texans have for establishing a business.
  • The winters are mild -- Did we say that we are from Scandinavia? With winters dark and cold, who wouldn't love some warmth and sun?
  • Southern hospitality -- As cold and blunt Scandinavians as we are, our hearts have melted by the southern hospitality provided in Texas (and many other places in the US).

The new US staff

A new lab needs a new staff! The US neuromarketing lab is now headed by two amazing people:

Mauktik in a Neurons shirt.
Allison Huynh recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, with a degree in Biosciences, Neurobiology and Neurosciences. Allison will be Project Manager at Neurons USA

Mauktik in a Neurons shirt.
Mauktik Kulkarni has an MS in Neuroscience from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and a BS in Biophysics and Computational Biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Mauktik will be working as the Lab Manager in the Neurons US lab

As we grow, more people will be added.

What's in store for the US neuromarketing lab?

We've got more news on the way! As we are adding a new team in sales, marketing, and finance in HQ, we will also start building our bizdev in the US. If there is one time that customer insights are important, it is when customer sentiments are changing faster than ever, when loyalty is low, and daily news affect purchasing patterns.

Critically, as we have been adjusting to the current pandemic, we have also come up with new solutions for running studies. One of these tools includes Explore, a whole new suite of neuromarketing tools for testing on online panels. Globally scalable, faster turnaround, and lower costs -- still with a full neuroscience validation at the core. Finally, we have been releasing the latest and crazy accurate attention prediction solution called Predict.

So, you haven't tried the online dashboard and getting attention results in seconds yet? Now's your chance: head over to the Predict product page and try it out right now! This is what's in store for Neurons' new US lab: in addition to running our US-based projects, it will also be the springboard for selling our whole new suite of tools to the American customer research market. It's a move that we have been anticipating since our very inception in 2013, and we're extremely excited to share this news with you now!

Opening a neuromarketing lab in the US

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