Introducing Our New Product Names

Prema Puganenthran

November 26, 2021

We’ve made quite a distinct change to our Product names on the website. After years of building out our product suite and developing our online neuroscience solutions, we’ve taken the decision to rename our products to better reflect their purpose. So instead of NeuroVision, NeuroOnline, and NeuroLabs, allow us to introduce: Predict, Explore, and Research!


NeuroVision, our AI tool that predicts user attention on your visual assets, will now be known as Predict. The name Predict highlights the AI’s core functionality and leaves room for us to develop new metrics that take into account other aspects of consumer behavior to complement the attention metrics. 

With that being said, Predict is set for an update very soon with even more metrics and improved capabilities. Watch this space.


Our original NeuroOnline projects were based on online panel surveys, and methods such as online eye-tracking, implicit association tests, fast response tests, etc., to test how consumers behave and make choices based on a company’s marketing assets. With Explore, we converted NeuroOnline into a build-it-yourself testing tool. This new feature aims to empower users to take on neuroscience testing without the need for prior knowledge or investment in a full-scale research team. 

While running NeuroOnline, we saw that there was a gap in the market for a more accessible product of this nature. Every business that aims to produce meaningful visual marketing content will always have a need to validate the efficacy of their marketing assets to improve ROI and achieve their goals. So, they will always have a need to test their marketing assets. However, the available solutions on the market are commonly built around post-launch assessments, A/B testing, or panel testing solutions that are open-ended survey design tools. Testing for more unconscious responses like behavior and sentiment is less common. And building neuroscience-based tests of this kind is also usually high-effort, requires experts either in-house or outsourced to build such studies, and is often expensive. 

So we decided to extend our offerings of a fully online neuroscience suite and bring the power of user behavior testing to everyone

Rather than having NeuroOnline as a solution that could only be utilized based on client requests, we built a brand new tool to put control over testing into your hands - Explore. Explore employs the same testing methods and neurometrics that we employed in NeuroOnline, but built into standardized tests hosted on a platform. 

We created simple test templates so that anyone can easily build their own projects to analyze different kinds of marketing assets, whether it’s video ads, social media ads, or image ads. You also have the flexibility of recruiting your test participants based on your target segment for that marketing asset. All you have to do is upload your assets, build your test, and submit it to have it sent out to participants. Our experts will then assess the data obtained and provide you with a full report on the findings, alongside insights and recommendations for improvements. 

A preview of the test builder on the Explore dashboard

Explore currently only has the TV Ad Test option available, but more test options will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Reach out to us to learn more about Explore’s full testing options.


NeuroLabs is now called Research. Research remains the same as it was before, being our premium bespoke research solution. Research will continue to study real customer responses as they unfold in a variety of situations; anything, from ads to VR, can be tested globally with this full-scale method. 

Example of a setup of a participant in a Research study.

Book a demo to see how your company can delve into neuroscience with Predict, Explore, or Research to better understand your users.

Introducing Our New Product Names

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